A solid foundation is crucial to shaping confident, capable dancers. As teachers, it is our responsibility to provide quality tuition to our students – particularly our youngest and most impressionable.

Dance to Your Own Tune is a certified curriculum established by the Royal Academy of Dance. Explicitly developed for students aged between 2 and 4, the program introduces young dancers to the basic principles and techniques of classical ballet.

Children learn to move with increased control, coordination and confidence, gaining an awareness of their body and its movement throughout the space. We also encourage the development of sensitivity to music through movement, inspiring dancers to express emotion physically.

Dance to Your Own Tune is comprised of two levels.

Level 1

Recommended for ages 2 – 3.

Level 2

Recommended for ages 3 – 4.

If you’re hoping to start your little dancer’s schooling off on the right foot, there’s no better introduction than Dance to Your Own Tune. Nurturing, engaging and educational, this beginner program is perfectly aligned with our encouraging studio culture.

We’d love to help your little dancer develop properly.