Will my child(ren) have the opportunity to perform in the end of year concert?

Absolutely. All students are encouraged to participate in the annual concert.

When does the concert take place?

Classique stages two performances of the concert each year, usually in late November or early December.

Is the concert compulsory?

Performing in the annual concert is not mandatory. If your child does not wish to participate or will knowingly be absent on the concert dates, please deliver a written notification to the principal at the beginning of term 3.

Do you schedule extra rehearsals?

Extra rehearsals are often required, including a day of rehearsal at the theatre. This tech run incurs a fee of $15 per student, and may be scheduled on a school day. If your child is performing in the concert, theatre rehearsal attendance is compulsory.

How much does a costume cost?

Dance costumes generally average $55 – $75, though senior costumes can sometimes cost more. Classique charges a non-refundable $25 costume deposit in term 3, which is then deducted from your term 4 costume invoice.

Do you hold a photo day?

Yes. Each year a photo day is arranged for students to take professional pictures in their costumes. This day is always a lot of fun, but is not mandatory.

Does Classique enrol in eisteddfods?

Due to our strong, technical proficiency and artistic ability, Classique performs extremely well in eisteddfods. Though we enrol both solo students and groups, eisteddfod work is not our primary focus.

Dance is an art form and cannot be properly measured through competitive work. When participating in eisteddfods, we ensure students understand success is based on effort and skill – not on winning or losing. We strive to instil intrinsic over extrinsic motivation in students.

Are there any other performance opportunities?

There are. In addition to concerts and eisteddfods, Classique students have participated in many enriching performances. Opportunities to dance – like The Central Coast Opera, local events, and fundraisers – frequently come up, and we enjoy offering students the chance to explore these avenues.

Are classes run during the school break and on public holidays?

No. Our term dates observe public school breaks and public holidays.

May parents watch dance classes?

Unfortunately we do not allow parents or relatives to watch dance classes, as it distracts all students in the class. At preschool level however, we do encourage parents to stay for the first few minutes if the child is very upset. Accommodating the child’s comfort level essential to happy learning.

How does tuition payment work?

An invoice is issued at the beginning of each term. If you pay per term, fees are expected to be paid in advance before week 3. If you pay monthly, three instalments should be paid throughout the term. The first monthly instalment must also be paid before week 3.

What happens if I don’t pay on time?

Fees paid late incur a late fee. You will be charged a weekly surcharge of $10 if fees are not paid under these terms. If you have not received your invoice by the end of week 1, please contact kerrie_anne@hotmail.com.

Do you refund missed classes?

No refund is given for missed classes, however the student is welcome to attend the class either above or below their level to ‘make-up’ attendance. Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds, as we must ensure all projected costs are met – thus keeping tuition fees as low as possible.

Do you offer any financial discounts?

Yes. We offer a family discount of 15% off term fees for the second and subsequent children. At least one child in the family must be enrolled in four or more classes for the discount to apply. We also offer a 5% referral discount if you have been nominated on the referred student’s enrolment form. Only one nomination/discount per family is applicable, and for one term only.

How long does my enrolment last?

Your enrolment lasts for the entire year, carrying over to each term. If you wish to edit or cancel your enrolment, please notify the principal in writing.

What happens if we cancel mid-term?

If you elect to cancel enrolment after week 3 of the term, you will be charged your full term fee. If you wish to have the option of cancelling enrolment without incurring a fee, you will be required to pay the casual rate of $15 per class.

Is there a dress code?

There is. You can find our uniform guidelines under Fees & Uniform.